About Beth

Beth is a communications gun-for-hire, wordsmith, twin mom and cancer widow.

She outsources with a vengeance.

She believes strikes are bad, boundaries are good, and that being folksy is overrated.

Once, she dislocated her hip attempting to do a fake striptease.

She prefers humor to be profane and absurd.

She will punch you if you call her a “mommy” or “widow” blogger.

She thinks your relationship with the god of your choice is your own damn business.

She walks behind the elephants. She fixes $6 haircuts. She is the Master of Time, Space and Dimension, part-time demigod, and 3/4 car wreck. Like Elvis, she’s everywhere. Try and get rid of her.

She is very happy you’re reading Disaster Fatigue. She may be a hot fancy mess, but YOU are very pretty.


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